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painting/interior remodel handyman

painting/interior remodel handyman

Dave's latest idea to get rid of moisture!

Dave's custom "Water Accumulator Ventallator & Extractor" or W.A.V.E.

The ultamate! "Moisture Remover"

Water Accumulator Ventillate & Extraction unit. W.A.V.E. built by HVAC pro David Evans in Ohio

Water Accumulator Ventillate & Extraction unit. W.A.V.E. built by HVAC pro David Evans in Ohio

$250 plus shipping

installation required

22 inches long

by 13 inches high by 5 in. deep

No Gimmicks..they work

by extracting less humid air from upstairs extracted

from the return side of your furnace or just set it on the

 floor of your basement.

80-120 cfm exhaust fan depending on how 

dense the air is where you live.

Requires 120 VAC Fully automatic!

This simple unit extracts the humid air out of your basement so metal shelving and the lids of your canning jars don't rust out and copper plumbing isn't dripping with condensate.

 Remove excess moisture from your
basement or crawl space without using expensive De-Humidifier and have to empty a bucket or drain a pan.

In it's infant stages and somewhat rustic in nature, we are building Dave's Wave units from scratch ordering the parts and building them to my customers needs.

Whether your basement is 200 sq. feet or 2000 sq. ft. I can build a unit or multiple units to accommodate your needs for a dry basement.

Dave's " Wave" units, remove humidity.


email us 

We will paint them or stain them whatever color you like. Order one...see and feel the difference.

Shipped within a week from your order.

We install products l quality products that help our customers feel better. Please email or text me for more information on products, current promotions and services. 

intermatic.timer to save money on electric bill

intermatic.timer to save money on electric bill

Buy an electric water heater timer.. lower power usage and lower power bills.

Dave can help you save money on your electric bill ALL year long and then you just invest that money into energy efficient products. How?? Well call or text me and I'll show you. See my chart

Do you own an electric water heater? I can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Have a timer delivered. Request a handyman or electrician to install it for you.

Dave's promoting a GOOD nights rest!

When things are done right, you will rest easier and have less stress

If you want the best technology to keep your home fresh and clean all year this product kills 99% of all germs and freshens the air all at the same time.

This product is $695 installed

reme halo stops corona virus

reme halo stops corona virus

brochure on Remi Halo air purifier

brochure on Remi Halo air purifier

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