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Handyman HVAC plumbing


Sink/faucet replacement


One of the most popular calls Dave the Handyman get get is to replace a bathroom or kitchen faucet. You supply the faucet and I supply the skill to make it work for years without a leak

 If your interested in becoming a pro installer, follow this link.

Bathtub and shower install

So many people need this work done, it's almost overwhelming, but I'm surprised at how few people call to get it done. It's really affordable! Just call the hvac guy and get a quote. Average price is less than $2000 for the entire job. We do floors, walls, ceilings, soffit removal, electrical and of course the plumbing.

Soft Water system install

price varies per unit

With PEX, we can now replace water lines faster and with better materials. With a manifolds your entire home H2O supply can easily controlled in a water closet.

Dryer vent $69 for 20ft

Dave the Handyman sees these dryers full of line all the time, so please schedule your dryer vent cleaning and save money on the utility bill and don't buy another dryer might be surprised.

New Toilet..clean, clean!

2nd most common plumbing request!


I will p/u the new toilet, remove the old one and haul it away. Installed for $155 in most situations. Why not do all three bathrooms at once!


Toilets can be ordered in any color you want. You can get them right off the shelf in White or Almond.  

The best toilets are usually not the ones from China or Mexico. Kohler, Briggs, Moen all have power flush systems, but the key is "How much will you pay for a repair if one developes a problem? Will you be able to find the part in 10 years?.

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The HVAC Guy's

"Wave Units" move air

Get your Wave Unit custom built. Its rustic and rugged. It's going to sit in the basement and pull cold moist air out of your home. You will be able to enjoy a dry storage area. I will paint it any color you want or stain it to mach your wood work. Prices Start at $250. I will ship it to you with instructions. Vents out a window.

This Wave Unit will help you store veggies and other things safely without worrying about rust, mildew and condensation

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