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Handyman and HVAC services are in demand!

If you would like to be trained to become a Handyman Pro I will give you step by step instructions.

JUST TEXT me at the number above and tell me your interest. Talk to you soon!

Ok guys and gals, I will show you how to be wildly successful as a Handyman or Service Tech.  Read on...

God gives us all gifts...we are born with certain skill sets...some of us like to fix things...we just get it!  Is that you...awesome God called you to help people. that is your talent. Use it for God and be blessed with money and prestige. Otherwise, you will just end up making people mad.

If your serious about taking your skills to the neighborhood and beyond you will need to follow a game plan...

MOTIVATION is NOT enough to succeed. You will spend money and your energy will be gone without a good plan.

1.   TOGet from point A to point B the fastest you need a MAP- A blueprint from someone who has done this before... I'm your source...Ask me

A reliable vehicle, stocked with the right tools for the trade, a computer with a internet connection to put up your own web page via FACEBOOK or on other places like VISTAPRINT. Get yourself on Google Places and set up an office. You need to come up with a plan to keep your money for the business in an account for tax reasons. A business is liability so you have to treat it with respect.

-NOTE ...make sure you think every job through..figure out what you need and calculate how much time you need to do it..

You will need to learn to get information from customers , write it down and make sure you have a dual copy -check out the local biz store like STAPLES. Set up appointments and always be least on time! Be careful to dig into every job and get details... like model numbers, dimensions are important...go the extra will save you time later.

2. Memory phase-in your mind be prepared wth what if situations ..have a way to deal with the unexpected and take the necessary tools with you to successful. Dont' get sidetracked

3. Do the job and explain to the customer what you intend to do and why. People respect you when you have a plan and you can follow through with it.

4. If you gave an estimate with time and materials...stick to it. Don't change your estimate unless both you and the owner know you opened a can of worms that no one knew about. 

According to my calculation, which I derived from ENERGY.GOV, the average household of 5 people can save $52 a month using a water heater timer set to 4 hrs a day. 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening and never run out of hot water!

The more people that use the energy in a house, the longer the appliance has to run to re-coop what is lost.

When you are serious about saving energy, you have to look at your insulation, windows, doors and the condition of your major appliances.

Average kW/hr is 9 cents. I'm using $7.5 cents as a base here in Ohio

How much does it cost to install a 240 volt water heater timer?

You can order one online for about $60 and have a licensed company do the work for you. The hvac guy does the entire job for you in about an 1 hour. Call for a price quote.

The number one water waster in a home is the Toilet Flapper. We install the toilet repair kits.

the number energy loss place in a home is up the chimney and out poorly installed windows.

old breakers will cause lights to flicker! they are on my truck and ready to be installed.

419-948-0405 Amy's Cell office 567-245-8081

The hvac guy: hotline 419-937-6964 call/text

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