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Using a cell phone to control indoor air quality, temperature and humidity

Lot's of people have upgraded to the new SMART thermostats like the NEST, allowing us to monitor and control our furnace or heat pump remotely.  This technology helps us save natural resources. FYI:  If you sign up with HomeServe USA, a national warranty company that I work for, you may quality for a FREE NEST thermostat! I install them and will answer your questions.They retail for around $275 at Lowe's. It takes a few hours to get it installed and programmed. By the way, if you research these you will find that some units fail to keep the battery charged and the furnace will shut down! I have figured out how to avoid this from happening.  The fastest solution is to connect the common wire on the board to the thermostat.  The real problem can be the modem is "pinging" the thermostat causing the battery to drain. Be patient, this thing "talks" to your modem and requires programming to fit your schedule.

 How many of us realize that keeping the humidity level in our home around 40% will keep our skin moist/ softer and help us feel warmer. You will love how cozy your house will feel with one of these.  It's true..too much humidity can result in windows fogging up with condensate or water dropplets forming on the window panes at dew point- cold outside  and warm inside.  You will have to figure out what works best at your home.  The local hvac distributors have other remarkable devices like the April Air with IAQ.. has a wireless system that allows us to communicate with the humidistat on the furnace with our cell phone. I have yet to install this device. Who wants to be first?  www.thehvacguy,org

The REME HALO is a probably my favorite of all the accessories that you can add to a forced air heating and cooling system.  This device produces air-born peroxide that kills viruses that make us sick.  With this device running you stand a much better chance not catching the germs from other family members living in your house. Peroxide mist in the air ducts kills a lot of bad germs-even some deadly viruses  It also destroys bacteria that makes odor. What a great invention!   I install it for under $700. Call me and I will get you one.

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