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How to stop dust bunnies!

.Two weeks ago I went to clean air ducts in Mansfield Ohio. When I got there the owner said he was nearly cleaning dust bunnies from the floor every day. After carefully cleaning the house ducts and dryer vent I noticed that the new furnace has some return air leaks.


  Then I noticed the dryer vent wasn't hooked up correctly. The small particles from the dryer got sucked through the furnace and we ending up in this mans house.  Dust bunnies where everywhere!  This is because high efficiency furnaces ran the blower motor more often and at a higher volume of air back to the home.


I repaired the air return plenum with clear silicone and DUCK tape for furnaces.


I also fixed the dryer to lint trap to exit without releasing fragments of lint into the basement which ultimately get stuck someone in the home. They are very hard to see until they accumalate.



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