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Get A Free Energy Audit-Save hundreds of dollars on your utility bill over a the year

I called the number and followed the prompts. Before long I was talking to a very helpful agent working for Columbia Gas which is my natural gas distributor. The agent asked me a few questions about my income. 

I was told that lots of people qualify for "Warm Choice".  That's a grant funded program that does the audit for FREE.   I really wouldn't be surprised if the average savings is close to a $1000 p/year for sealing up doors and windows.

I would highly recommend calling your local gas company.  If the gas is on in your name and the account is active you can ask for a this free energy audit. You just have to meet the guidelines.   Even if you rent a home you qualify. The landlord just has to consent. Why wouldn't a person want you to save money? That just makes it easier to pay the rent each month. If you receive  PIP or public assistance you can still get the audit for FREE.

Normally it cost $250 to get all your doors and windows sealed properly. These guys are BPI certified, so they know what to look for.

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