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Duct Cleaners-Here's what you need to know...

Inside your home there are several feet of metal duct boxing that air travels in back to the air handler

Hi, This is Dave Evans

I've been in the service industry all my life.  I'm also a EPA certified HVAC technician.  What does that mean? It means I could take a test and get at least a 70%.  It's the same with every profession-doctors included!  It's the experience that really counts and the knowledge to apply what we learn to correctly take care of business. This helps us all get our jobs done efficiently.

There are unions and trade organizations that every professional joins, but the bottom line is "personal conviction to do the best job possible and NOT CUT CORNERS.  I believe "a good name is better than anything!  My customers tell me all the time, "I can see you know what your doing".  I don't belong the NDCA because it's really expensive and "You" the home owner will end up paying for a companies membership in the organization.  

What you need to ask over the phone when you call for a technician to clean your air ducts depends on your situation...

You need to ask yourself "Why am I getting this done" it because there's dust everywhere in your house or do you think you got mold issues?

Or is it another reason...for instance just the thought of possibility of sharing another families germs with your family.. or

"Does your entire house smell bad?"...Well, here's a few questions?

Ask them: " Do you have a FREE inspection 1st or do you include it in the duct cleaning service?"

The H-VAC GUY does free inspections & I will tell you the remedy for your situation-even how to get rid of strong odors.  We do Fogging-it sanitizes your duct work and get's rid of the don't have to leave your house-regular fogging won't hurt you, but in some cases like smoke damage or a cat smell-that's a different story.

"Do you have to clean every vent duct in the house?" If you have an odor problem, the answer is yes".... if it's just to clean the dirt out of the duct work the answer might be "no" it depends on the might have had an addition added to your home last year. 

How dirty does it have to be to want to pay for the cleaning?

Ask how much they charge.   Typically you can get a technician out to your house for $100 or less to clean the main trunk line, but there are many factors to consider before you ask them to come.

Here's a few thoughts.

"Can your vents be cleaned from the floor level of your home?"

"Is your air handler in a difficult place to service?"

"Even though you may have furnace techs inspect your furnace every year, would you be willing to pay to have the furnace evaporator coil, and squirrel cage examined with a video camera?"

"What do you think they might find?"

"When was the last time you replaced your air filter and what kind do you typically buy?"

"Do you have pets, leaving behind hair and dander?"

"If you hire a company to clean your equipment and air ducts, what kind of guarantee are you looking for?"

The H-Vac Guy is a duct and HVAC equipment cleaning service that guarantees that you will feel and see  the results of our service the same day!  We video the whole process so you can share it with your family, so they will know it was done right.

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