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Do you need a furnace check up?

You may have wondered if you need to have your furnace checked   for wear and tear and for possible issues.   You might be concerned that your local heating and air company  is just "milking you".  Being on a regular maintenance plan is highly recommended and gives you peace of mind. If you have an older furnace, it's critical to get a carbon monoxide test yearly. Most furnaces have a ten year warranty, so as unit ages, they can develop stress cracks inside the primary or secondary heat exchanger.

If you suffer from headaches working at home, it might not be just the paperwork getting to you!

There are a lot of parts that work together inside a furnace. Safety switches, relays, sensors, motors, pumps and rubber tubes were air &  water travel should  work perfectly every time your furnace operates.  Some parts are mechanical and If a part is getting weak, the furnace may fire, but it will probably fail when you are depending on it the most.  It will cost a lot to fix it when it's freezing cold and possibly 5 am! 

Be sure that you have a decent filter at the furnace and even before the ductwork returns.  You will feel better knowing your furnace is working at its' best.

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