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America's most successful entrepreneurs are people who have the ability to see how to solve the problems we are faced with.   If you've bought or had someone repair a humidifier, furnace or water heater you helped inspire someone who was thinking of a way to keep you comfortable.  Engineers put a lot of thought into making things we will buy to make our houses more comfortable. 

All those things we buy to help us feel better( like our furnace ) and we need to listen to our furnace if it starts to rattle. When you change the air filter, you are taking a big step towards preventing a mechanical breakdown. All the comforts of home help us take it easy!  Appliances get our attention, especially when they fail us.  What is the comfort level of your home?  Most of the time, the furnace, water heater, and stove just work-isn't that because they were made in the United States of America? But what is happening in America? We need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected.  When you water heater goes out, it's a good idea to have a few hundred dollars set aside to deal with it and we usually get warning signs like a leak in the basement to prepare for it.  What about something like a food shortage.  Is it possible?




 There are lots of people like myself who will help you get the dirt out of your home duct system.  With the aid of a wireless camera, you can now see what your doing and we can all do the job right. There are times when you just have to open the plenum and trunk lines to get right in the dirt! Cleaning a system is a chore, but the results will help you sleep better.

What is indoor air pollution?  A majority of people live near metropolitan areas so they can save time with conveniences of everything being near them. If you live near or by a farmer or just out in a field, your home is open to the elements.  The basic problem remains-  dirt will end up in your home no matter where you go.

Air enters your home constantly, so having an air filter in your home will probably help to some degree. Your air ducts are slowly going to be affected by the billions of  particles of dust that float through the air in town.  One advantage of living in town- lots of houses together tend to share the forces against them and offer some resistance, so your home is not facing the elements full blunt.

If you  manage to escape the stress of living in the big city and find yourself breathing fresh country air consider getting having your ducts cleaned regularly and your walls and carpets, drapes and furniture as well.  The wind carries everything that is in a farmers field right to your door. You don't have to deal with these pollutants on a daily basis like people who live in the city, but there is still a hazard and I think if effects people with allergies.

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